Hold Fast

by Slim Dime

Candyman 01:51
Candyman - J. Land Oh he do what he can He only come now and then He mine He my Candyman Oh he only come now and then but he always do just what he can He mine He my Candyman Oh I live with myself I have no need for no-one else He mine He my Candyman And if I call him once a week He still kiss me on the cheek He mine He my Candyman And if I call him once a day He never ask if he can stay He mine He my Candyman
Old Banjo Song Although I wanted to stay I had to go away couldn’t stay, for another day When I think of you, I pray How’s our little boy? There’s so much I wanna say Lord I prayed everyday. That I’d change I still think I should pay for having to leave. You both There’s no time these days Life has changed. You’re the same. Dunno what to say. When I think of you I cry. How’s our little Boy?
Pretty Saro 02:33
Muckrake 01:33
Muckrake Pace the length Over & Over Skin spiked to push the wall That’s far too close running it spits and snarls in starts muckrake & fuckers see the edges curling a lip bitten down chewing stupid blind edges into corners and tired out angles running out slowly and hollowed out hills of breathe that shudder crumpled slumping and holding still
The City Song I walk around the city sounds rainbeat all around moon dancing on the ground When I walk at Night I can walk I wonder if you feel the blue neon on your face lights sewn to your hem Never felt so alone never felt
Adeline 04:50
Adeline Adeline lost her earring in the snow She lost her bearings and her shoes and now her feet are missing Oh lord I fear my gal’s lost in the snow she might have lost her footing Oh lord I fear my gal’s lost in the snow The snow’s new fallen and I can’t see no printing Adeline wrote a message in the snow tread words in circles with a stick until her hand lost feeling Oh lord I fear my gal’s lost in the snow I’m chasing time I’m running Oh lord I fear my gal’s lost in the snow Searching round and round, can’t she hear I’m calling Adeline fell asleep in the snow It took her breathe away and she forgot to breathe dreamt she heard her lover calling Oh lord I fear my gal’s lost in the snow Oh lord I fear my gal’s lost Oh lord I fear my gal’s lost in the snow
The Great Divide there you are here am I I don’t know how I’m gonna cross the great divide this is you that is me now it’s all I can see I see you do you see me is this the way it has to be this great divide can you see the you in me that we can be in company where is you where is I if we let go and if we fly no great divide the hand you see is only me reaching out to you across the great divide
Pretty Polly 03:08


Recorded at Incubator Studios by candle light Hold Fast is a collection of original and traditional songs that take the listener on a journey of the soul. Intimate, gentle and at times uplifting and rousing, their music is deceptively simple and surprisingly complex.

“We want to take the listener on a journey of the heart, mind and spirit, the music we love and write talks about the experience of being human. One of the things we love about traditional songs is that the essential truths about being a human are always shared by us all, fashions may change but really, we are all the same.”


released May 18, 2013

Jen Land - vocals & tenor guitar
Chris Taylor - guitar, banjo, vocals
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Incubator by Adrian Akkerman


all rights reserved



Slim Dime Melbourne, Australia

“this is music for the literate Hillbilly” – CD Baby

Slim Dime are an acoustic duo featuring old-time mountain sounds, seamless harmonies and some mighty-fine pickin’.

They make music that sounds as though it’s always existed somewhere on a mountaintop.
Their material is both original songs and traditional songs made new. It’s music that makes you lean in and listen.
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